NKE Multigraphic Display

nke Multigraphic : more multi than ever
NEW « Performance » functions and advanced wind calibrations are now part of the new Multgraphic display!
— Tactical Start Screen
This page provides strategic information for the start and on the course. Unlike touch pads that wash out in the sun this is Information you can use and see.At a single glance the racer sees:
  • True Wind Direction and trends.
  • Start timer
  • Starting line : mark bias.
Displaying the distance, length, and time to the start line. It provides port and starboard line bias in degrees and boat length.
  • Windward and leeward mark: Graphics help you sail the best course to your mark.
— True Wind calibration tables
True wind tables previously available only in the Regatta Processor are now accessible from the Multigraphic when combined with a High Resolution masthead sensor.
These tables allow the sailor to make corrections to the system that will zero out the disturbances caused by the sail plan. This is commonly known as “upwash”
With full control over true wind angle and a downwind speed correction, these calibration tables bring a level of control and sophistication to the club racer that was only possible on much more expensive systems in the past.
The Multigraphic now delivers a True Wind Direction solution that will be stable from tack to tack and help you to make confident decisions on the race course.
— Current  calculation
The Multigraphic calculates current set and drift and displays its speed and direction.
Multigraphic is available in white color (ref : 90-60-359) and carbon aspect (ref : 90-60-399)